High-Quality Aviation Aluminum 
USB Rechargeable 
120° Detecting Angle
14mm Thickness
45mm Width
8mm Depth
Life Span: 80,000+ Hours

Cool White - 6000k
Warm - 3500k

38LEDs - 23cm / 1.4w Power / 90LM
70LEDs - 40cm / 3.0w Power / 170LM
103LEDs - 60cm / 3.2w Power / 220 LM

Battery capacity: 900mah /1500mah/2000 mah
Typically lasts 4+ weeks on motion sensing mode before recharging, however with heavy usage and if using always-on mode it can drain in a matter of hours as its purpose was to be on for short bursts of time.

3 Modes

Auto - Motion sensor activation for when the lights are used in dark areas and places with low visibility.  

Always On - The lights stay on continuously regardless. of its environment. It can be used at any time.

Charge Time: 2 - 4 Hours (Sizes Vary)